Critics, radio programmers, and DJ's comment on Grand Street and their new album:

"A beautiful mix...flawlessly perpetrated musicianship...writing their own material and showing a passion for an art form that will last...'Island of Fire' displays the flowing energy of this band...'Revelstoke' is a real masterpiece highlighted by fierce playing and creative runs by Mignola, Wynne, and the rest of the band...This is a truly remarkable piece of work ...Sophisticated, elegant and awesomely presented, this is one of the best jazz albums of the year, by anybody's standards." - Long Island Entertainment
"Long considered one of Manhattan's best kept secrets, they recorded an album that fully captures the band's sound..... sophisticated and creative..... Grand Street will surprise and delight you." - The Album Network
(Four stars) "The guitarist and keyboardist are fine players...the vocalist is the perfect singer...the production is rich and just right for this collection of ethereal jazz...played by pros laying down fine performances" - Musicians' Exchange
"The vibe is pure Manhattan...wonderful musicianship...smooth vocals and tasty guitar...delicious, contemporary jazz" - Good Times Magazine
"The songs are sweet and smooth...a wonderful album" - Music News
"'Grand Street' is a fine album blending many different styles into a cohesive and exciting mix" - Nick Dragos, KXJZ, CA
"Enjoyable...the date does justice to...jazz" - Cadence
"This band has a bright future...great new talent...wonderful, solid independent music" - Mark Copeland, WFDU, NJ
"One of our greatest local talents...this album is an excellent piece of work...these guys know what they're of the best things I've heard in's great to see this kind of versatility" - Chet Jackson, WBAI, NY
"Grand Street has a good start to a career in music" - San Diego Union Tribune
"Our station has six different Jazz shows from traditional to modern and yet all the DJs have found something they like from Grand Street.... it is # 1 at our station because it gets play on each jazz show and because of strong audience response." - Dan Ratkewitch, WRHU, NY
"I like the diversity of musical styles on the album...a fine CD...strong original music" - Bill Amutis, WUSB, NY

"...The airy fusioning opens up onstage, letting nuance connect the dots and improv poke its head out". - The Village Voice (Macnie)
"Their playing is exquisite...a variety of styles and textures...a stunningly good debut album...Grand Street is a winner". - The Inside Connection
"A delightfully slick collection of songs that tread a tasteful line between traditional and contemporary Jazz moods." - Jam Magazine

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